Apr 18 - Apr 24


2 GHOW's on Duff Rd.jpg

On Monday, Samantha and I checked on the two owlets placed in a nest platform east of Pendleton. If you look carefully, you can see two heads sticking up from the nest. Momma owl was perched next to the original nest which held one sibling. 

Two More Owls Renested

Eltopia GHOW.jpg

 The above radiograph of the Eltopia Great Horned Owl was taken on Day 28. He has full extension in the left wrist, elbow and shoulder and in the right knee. The decision was made to renest him with a similar aged young owl from Hermiston. “Eltopia” is in the front and “Hermiston is in the rear in the photo below.

2 GHOW's to Hermiston.jpg

Both were placed in a nest platform fastened to a tree next to the original nest tree. Momma and a sibling watched from the nest. Its hard to see, but “Hermiston’s” head is sticking up on the left side of the nest platform.

Hermiston nest platform.jpg

And Two More Baby Owls Are Admitted

This tiny Great Horned Owl hatchling, just two or three days old, fell from a nest along with an even smaller sibling (who died before being found).  The owlet weighed just 45 grams, less than two ounces! Samantha and I spent half an hour removing fly eggs from his body and maggots from his nares (nostrils) and one ear. He has since doubled his weight!

45g GHOW.jpg

Two days later, this nearly 500 gram Great Horned Owlet fell from a nest near Pilot Rock. He does not appear to be injured, but is a little thin. Hopefully we can renest this owl in a few days after he has put on some additional weight. 

Baby GHOW PR.jpg

Owie Owl Eye

This poor Great Horned Owl was hit by a car just south of Pendleton. His right eye is badly damaged. There is a small amount of hemorrhage in the left eye, but it seems to be functional. No other injuries were apparent during his exam.

GHOW Blue Mountain Wildlife 1.jpg

Education Team On The Road

We traveled to Joseph, OR for several programs at the Josephy Center in conjunction with their art show entitled Wings. In the photo below, children who had seen the birds previously are raising their hand.

Josephy Center.jpg

Pilot Rock Pre-schoolers visit BMW’s Pendleton Center.

Pilot Rock Preschool.jpg

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