Apr 11 - Apr 17

And Then There Were Four

4 Owls.001.jpg

Two more young Great Horned Owls arrived this past week. Number three fell from a nest in Hermiston. Number four was found on the ground east of Pendleton. Owl number four was returned to the Pendleton nest and brought buddy number two with him. Both were placed in an artificial  nest platform that was fastened to the nest tree.  They are in the nest pictured below, but you can’t see them from the angle the picture was taken. Momma owl kept a watchful eye over the entire procedure. We will monitor the nest over the next few days to make sure both owlets are being fed. 

Nest platform.jpg

The plan is to return owl number three to its parents this week.

Owl Number One: Day 20 Update

GHOW Day 20.001.jpg

The owlet from Eltopia continues to improve. There are still significant abnormalities in the left shoulder and elbow and right knee, but she(?) is using both legs,  flapping her wings and growing like crazy.

Cooper’s Hawk


This adult Cooper’s Hawk collided with a window, injuring her left shoulder. Her wing has been immobilized. So far, she is complying with the prescribed cage rest. If you look closely at the radiograph below, you will notice that the left humerus (big arm bone) is lower than the right humerus, indicating the left humerus is dislocated.

Cooper's VD.001.jpg

In Honor of Tony Worth 

Blue Mountain Wildlife recently lost a long-time friend with the death of Tony Worth. Tony was a founding Board Member of BMW and served in that capacity for 24 years until complications from diabetes forced him to step down. He was an avid birder and a generous supporter of BMW. In honor of his long-time service, a Mountain Ash will be planted at BMW's Pendleton Center this Saturday, April 23, at 10 a.m. All are invited to attend and share your fond memories of Tony.


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